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Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day! (I'm working on trick dog videos!) ;)


Labor Day for me is a paid holiday off from work- of which I spent 6 hours editing a dog trick video!!!

Back in April, I had the idea to put together a compilation video of Dogs Playing Basketball.

I am connected (through Facebook) to trick dogs all over the world, and I asked them to send me clips of their dogs playing basketball.  I received clips of 21 different dogs from all over the USA, Switzerland, England, Canada, and Australia.  And I intended to edit them all into one video.

But then Jaz and I flew to California to be on "Who Let The Dogs Out".  (A show on Animal Planet.)

Then in May, we flew to New York to be on "Good Morning America".

Then in June, we flew to Utah to speak at the "BlogPaws" convention.

And I can't even remember what happened in July and August!  (Not to mention, I'm busy with my regular job, friends, and family!)

So, long story short: this got put on the back burner!

But now- I'm rejunivated to attempt it again!  LOL.  

I'm excited because I'm ALMOST DONE!!  :D   (Now I can only hope I don't have trouble uploading it to YouTube!!)  ;)

So- in the meantime- here's a teaser to get you by until I finish the video:

1 comment:

  1. Iloved it! Kudos to the editor (you) and all the stars!