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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

More TV Time for @myfavpupjasmine! :D

Jasmine (My Favorite Pup!) recently had a mini cameo appearance on a cable TV show.  Last Saturday, June 1st, she had a small part on the The Aquabats Super Show!  (which aired on the The Hub).  Her doggy acting role was to cover her face when she heard a really loud noise.  (Although the noise was added in post-production.)  This was fun to film.

The scene with her in it ended up being literally TWO SECONDS long. Short, but sweet, right?   You can watch for her at 0:16.  Yep.  That's my dog.  Don't blink.  You'll miss it.  ;)

It's short, but I'm still going to add it to my list of Jasmine's TV appearances.  :)   Two seconds counts for me!  :)  This AquaBats show will make TV appearance #28 for Jaz.


And at the end of June, she'll have #29.   (June 25th to be specific)  Jasmine is going to have a cameo on the Rachael Ray show!  (They are doing a whole segment on dog tricks!)  :D    This is technically a re-run, except hardly anyone has seen the original show because it was interrupted by national news.  So it will be new to me!  I haven't even seen it!  

Looking forward to it!  :D