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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Jasmine was featured in the Deseret News Newspaper!

So... funny story.  A long time ago, I was was asked to do an interview with a Utah newspaper who wanted to feature Jasmine.  I did it, but then nothing ever came of it.   I emailed the reporter a couple times over the following months and inquired if she knew when they would be publishing the article.   But the answer was "we'll let you know".  Eventually, I forgot about it and figured it wasn't going to happen.

So then fast forward to July 10th...  several of my friends start tagging me in posts on Facebook that show My Favorite Pup Jasmine's picture on the cover!   They FINALLY decided to publish the article about Jasmine! (I thought they had changed their mind!  But I guess they just had to wait for a slow news day... before they ran the story about a trick dog.) They didn't even tell me that the article came out last Saturday.

So- here's a cute little article about me and Jaz.  The quotes aren't exactly what I said... but oh well.  Close enough!