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Sunday, July 25, 2010

1st Day on the Job!

I recently found a quote from Heber J. Grant that said:

"Service is the real key to joy. When one is giving service for the advancement of humanity, when one is working without money and without price, with no hope of earthly reward, there comes a real, genuine joy into the human heart."

This is one of the reasons I started volunteering at the hospital with Jasmine. It's partially for selfish reasons. When I make others happy, it makes me happy. I really felt good after being at the hospital with Jaz yesterday. And as we all know, there's something special about dogs that bridges the gap between strangers. You can approach and talk to almost anyone- simply because you have a dog. And that fact makes people willing to open up to you.

It was our first day, and we were shadowing another dog therapy team- Candy (the human) and Stormy (her sheltie). We checked in at the nurses' station on each floor to see if there are any patients we cannot visit. (If patients are contagious, there is a sign on the door.) Then we went to each room, knocked on the door, and asked if they would like a visit from a therapy dog. Some didn't. But some did. Some people aren't animal lovers, but the ones that are- this totally made their day.

The hospital had a cart for the little dogs to ride on- (to make it easier for the patients in bed to see them and pet them.) But since Stormy was on the cart, Jasmine walked. If the patient could sit up in bed, I would ask them if they wanted to see a trick. (I just did little ones- like "Be Shy", "Sit Pretty", or "Wave". There wasn't a lot of room to do much more.) If they were lying down, I lifted Jaz up so they could pet her. It was really a rewarding experience. Candy said that on Fridays (which is going to be my regular shift)- the surgery waiting room would be full. And that had more space to do a little trick show. (for the family/friends waiting for people having surgery.)

My favorite areas were the pediatric ER and the pediatric oncology (cancer). There was little girl in the pediatric ER (about 5) sitting on a chair while the mom talked to the nurse. She saw Jasmine and said "Doggy!! Doggy!!" So I took Jaz over to her so she could pet her! Although Jasmine loves everyone, for some reason, she ESPECIALLY loves little kids. (Maybe because they are more her size, or because they play with her.) But her tail really started wagging when she approached the little girl.

And the staff and nurses really love the dog therapy teams too! They need a smile and a friendly tail wag as much as the patients do! It was a really good experience. I highly recommend it! I feel like Jasmine is such a sweet dog who can brighten almost anyone's day. So I need to share her love with those who need it most. =)

And like the quote said at the beginning, you can't help but feel good yourself when you're helping other people.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guess what I found at work? A Husky!!

One of my neighbors once called me the patron saint of lost animals. But it's not really a joke anymore! Guess what I found outside my office this morning? A husky!! (And a GORGEOUS one at that!!)

I know I had promised my roommate I wouldn't bring home any more strays for a while! We just barely found homes for the last ones! But I swear, they find me!! I'm like the pied piper for lost animals! This is the 3rd dog that I have found at the office alone! (Not to mention lost dogs I find on walks, or while driving.) But I figured it was okay to bring this cute guy home... because LUCKILY he was wearing a collar and had a 2010 license! :)

My boss was nice enough to let me leave work to take this pup home. (This has happened before!!) I called Animal Control and was able to get a phone # for the current owner. He stayed in my backyard for the day.

I wonder what Jaz thinks of all these lost dogs that wind up in her backyard! I don't ever let them mingle unless I'm there. (and even then, sometimes I don't.) Just because I don't know the lost dog's histories. But this guy was SUPER friendly. And I figured if he had a 2010 license, he was up-to-date on his shots.

I found out the original owner named this dog Hunter. He's a 1 1/2 year old male. VERY friendly, very loving, and very energetic! When they sold him, the new owner (a guy in his early 20's) renamed him Demon. LOL... yea right! That's like naming a black kitten Snowball!

I love this dog! I was secretly kind of hoping I wouldn't find the owner for a day or two! He was adorable!! And I just LOVE his face!! So pretty!!!

But at the end of the day, he was able to be reunited with his owner. So... happy news. =)

(But now I want to go to Alaska and ride on a dog sled!!) LOL
I already know I love sled dogs!!!

Maybe I'll have to settle for watching "Eight Below". ;)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dog Plays Wii

If you really want to know what dogs do when we're not home, check out this video!! ;)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rescue Me! =)

Today we stopped by 2 animal shelters to donate the dog food Jaz won. (from the "Top Pet" contest, and I still had free dog food coupons left over from Mighty Dog.) We gave 1/2 to Friends for Life, and 1/2 to Maddie's Projects.

Of course, we had to stop to meet all the dogs! This girl here is a sweetie. I just love her face. (I think I'm partial to dogs with eyebrows!!) They just have most expressive features! She's available at Maddie's Projects (inside Petco). I wanted to put her picture out there on my blog- just in case someone might see her and fall in love. =)

Here's the link: http://www.commonpaws.org if you want to contact them! =)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Runner- Up Prizes!

I got a voicemail from Mix 96.9 that told me Jaz was a runner-up in their Top Pet contest! =)
So after we stopped by the hospital to get pictures taken for our new volunteer ID badges (see post below), she went with me down to the radio station! She won a prize pack from Nutro.

In the bag was some coupons for dog food, a box of Greenies, a food scoop, some poop bags, and a collapsible water bowl (on a carribeaner!) Some great prizes!! We're going to share some of the food & treats to "Friends for Life"- a local non-profit that I really like. Jaz really was excited that we brought this kind of dog food home- she kept smelling it- trying to open it. So I'm going to try it out, and see if she likes it. And I'm super excited about the collapsible water bowl! I had been looking for one of those to take with me hiking, and to agility class. So that's perfect!! =)

THANK YOU to all my friends who helped Jaz be the runner-up in this contest!!! You guys rock!! =)

P.S. Here's proof that Jaz likes the new dog food she won! She's trying to use her "Jedi Mind Trick"! She looks at what she wants, looks at me, looks back at what she wants.... ;)

New Therapy Dog!

Guess who's starting as a new therapy dog volunteer on July 24th?? =) =) =)
FINALLY- after all the background checks, interviews, orientations, health screenings, blood work, 2 TB tests, and booster shot updates.... We're in!!!!!! =D (and that was just for me... Jaz had to do a whole long process to become certified as a therapy dog last year!)

So... we're finally going to be able to start volunteering at the hospital! I'm really excited about this. It will be a good opportunity to share Jasmine's talents, and also bring a lot of joy to the kids at the hospital. I'm so excited!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Results of the Mix 96.9 contest

The results of the Mix 96.9 contest were supposed to be announced on July 5th. I was dying of suspense all day long. I had the day off of work (which was good and bad! ) Good- to have a day off to celebrate 4th of July with my family and friends. (and I even made Jaz get in the pool!) =) Bad- because I was thinking about it ALL day long- and was constantly sneaking back inside to check the website. NOTHING. (They took down the main link off their website all-together.) Finally that night, I found an old link that said they would be announcing the results tomorrow (July 6th). So that pacified me for the night! So then this morning the waiting game began again! Around noon, they finally posted the results. It wasn't Jasmine. It was a cute dog named Kona that got the most votes.

To be honest, I was kinda disappointed at first. But then I thought... Oh well! You can't say we didn't give it our best! I had all my friends on DoggySpace, all my friends on YouTube, and all of Jasmine's Facebook fanclub voting. So.... if that wasn't enough votes... well.. oh well! That's all I can do!

And I felt nothing but an outpouring and love and support from all my friends during this contest. Jaz had people voting for her from all over the world!! It's pretty amazing to me that the internet can bring all us dog-lovers together like that. It's a wonderfully supportive network.

I can't thank you enough my friends, for continuing to vote for Jasmine, encourage me, and support both of us through it all. I have wonderfully awesome friends. Some of whom I have never met... just talk with online. But I am so appreciative of how loved and supported you have made me feel. THANK YOU ... you know who you are!!!! =)

If you hear of any other trick contests, please let me know. (Those are more our specialty.)

I'll continue to learn new tricks and post them on my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MyFavoritePupJasmine

And the next time another trick contest comes around... we'll be ready! =)

So... I don't regret entering. You never know unless you try, right?? And now I also know what an awesome, supportive built-in network of dog-loving friends I have. =) You guys rock!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Agility Fun!

Since our Agility class is officially over until Fall... we decided to attend a few "fun runs". (Keep in mind, we are no where near this level!) We just get to play along with the rest of the group! =)

Jaz actually does pretty good, all things considered! I need to work on distance (from me) and obviously she needs some targeting practice so she'll stop jumping off the teeter! But all in all.. pretty fun!! =D

Saturday, July 3, 2010

2 Days Left to Vote!

ONLY 2 days left to vote!! (Sat & Sun) On Monday, we'll finally find out who the winner is of the Mix 96.9 Top Dog contest! I'm trying not to think about it. (Basically- trying not to get my hopes up... in case we don't win.) But at the same time, I know Jaz does have a lot of friends out there voting for her... so maybe she has a chance. Who knows?

I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much to everyone who has voted for Jasmine. I really do appreciate it!!! No matter the outcome, it makes me feel good to know what wonderful and supportive friends we have.


So... I guess we'll see! Either way- it will all be over soon! =)