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Friday, September 28, 2012

Front Page of Dogster! :)



Yesterday, Jasmine was on the front page of Dogster!!   
She was included in an article about Dogs in Show Business!

(Although I wouldn't say we've "pawed our way to the top"!)  More like- we got a lucky break in 2008 when Jasmine, Jesse, and Mater won an online contest and got to be in a Mighty Dog Commercial, Photoshoot, and web-movie.  From there we got an agent.  From there we've just been networking and meeting really cool people who like Jasmine's trick videos- and more opportunities keep happening.... sometimes when I least expect it.

It's been an interesting journey!  I had no idea when I got this sweet little pup where this would all lead!  But now Jasmine's been on TV 24 different times doing her tricks.  And as long as she keeps enjoying it, we'll keep doing it.  Jasmine actually gets stir-crazy if she's cooped up in the house too long.  So no matter whether it's a professional gig or just volunteering at the children's hospital, Jaz just wants to keep doing her thing.  (and keep earning GOOD treats!)  (I did mention she was HIGHLY treat motivated, right?)  ;)

Here's the excellent article written by Carol Bryant from Fidose of Reality:


  1. That's fantastic! From the look on Jasmine's face when she's done a trick, it seems that she loves it!! Hope she continues to love it too b/c I love watching.


  2. So cool!! I'll see you soon at BarkWorld ;-)