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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Do YOU have a dancing dog?

Hi Friends.

OK- so even though it took me 4 months to make this video- "Dogs Play Basketball".... it was totally worth it.  I like it.  And it's fun to watch.  :)  This featured 21 different dogs from all over the world.  (Their names, YouTube channel, and location are in the description.)

And it got almost 5,900 views in 4 days.  So... obviously other people think it's fun to watch too!  :D

So, I thought I'd give it another try... I made a video of Jasmine dancing.  But it just seemed like it would be more fun if there were a ton of other dogs dancing with her.

So- here are the requirements if you would like to participate:

1) Film your dog "Dancing".  Dancing can mean walking/jumping on hind legs, spinning, backing up (moonwalk) etc.  Whatever looks like a dance move to you.

2) It must be filmed with NO HUMANS in view.  If your dog only dances for a treat, just angle the camera so you don't see the treat!  (You can use a bait stick- a long wand w/ a treat attached to the end.)

3) It needs to be filmed using a tri-pod or by someone with a very steady hand.  (It makes me seasick watching shaky footage!)

4) It needs be filmed in good lighting.  (Either a well-lit room or outside.)

5) Please name your file DancingDog_YourDogsName_YourName
I.E.  DancingDog_Rusty_JaneSmith.   
You would not believe how long it took me to figure out who all the basketball dogs were in the video above!!!  (And who they belonged to!!)

5) Most likely the file will be too big to send through regular email.  So please sent it using the free trial from www.sendspace.com, www.dropbox.com, or www.yousendit.com  
 Upload your video and send it to:  myfavpupjasmine@hotmail.com   (And send me an regular email to let me know it's on it's way, and please list again your name, your dogs name, your dogs breed, and your YouTube address so I can give you credit for being in the video.)

6) Ideally, I'd like to have all the videos in the next 2 weeks. (Before Sept. 23rd.)

And from there- I'll mix them all together into one big fun Party Rock Dancing Dog video!  :D

I believe all dog tricks should be voluntary behaviors.  I only train using positive reinforcement (clicker training).  This is just for fun... so please make sure your dog is having fun as well.
And please have realistic expectations when asking for new behaviors or working with current ones.  
My Favorite Pup Jasmine is 6 years old. (She'll be 7 in December.)  We've been doing tricks her whole life.  So we've slowly built up her resume to what it is today.  So keep that in mind.  If you want your dog to be like Jasmine, you have to be willing to invest the time and be patient while you both learn and grow.  :)

Okay- that's all the serious stuff.  Have fun!!  :D  Looking forward to seeing all your videos!!  :)


  1. This is so cool. I don't think we can get our dogs to dance.

  2. So, no leg weaves, back around turns, side passes or heeling with spins - no human legs in video?

    1. Hi Cindy- I'd prefer the least amount of humans in view as possible. (Similar to the Basketball movie I did.) So it looks like dogs are just dancing around on their own. This could include almost anything- wave, limp, back up, spin, doggy push up (lie down- stand up), jump, etc.

  3. Sounds like fun! I think we will give it a shot.