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Jasmine's TV Appearances

Jasmine is an 8 year old Havanese who LOVES to do tricks. 
 She has appeared on TV numerous times, both here in the USA as well as internationally.  She does commercials, photo shoots, and dog therapy at a children's hospital.

Here's a list of all her TV appearances. that I know about!  Sometimes her videos are used on TV, and I am not aware of it.  (or get made aware of it after the fact.)  If you happen to see my dog anywhere around the internet, please let me know!  :)


Yanked! Pet Skills-  March 2015


         The Today Show (Kathie Lee and Hoda) - May 14, 2014

       Project Pet  (aired in Canada)  Family Channel- February 2014

           Rachael Ray Show   - June 25, 1013

          The AquaBats Super Show!  (Hub) - June 1, 2013



          Klipfiskerne  (will air in Denmark)   - SPRING 2013

                 A Year in Pup Culture (Animal Planet)-  Dec 2012



                  ABC 15 News  (ABC)- Aug 2012
                  Good Morning America (live) (ABC) – May 2012



   Who Let The Dogs Out finale (Animal Planet)- April 2012

                  Who Let The Dogs Out (Animal Planet)- March 2012


                  Tokudane show (aired in Japan)  December 2011
                  America’s Cutest Pet (Animal Planet)  December 2011
                 ABC 15 News (ABC)  December 2011

             Who Let The Dogs Out (aired in England on the BBC) Nov 2011
                  Right This Minute (ABC)- October 2011 
                  Tokudane show- (aired in Japan)  July 2011
                  Valley Dish (NBC)-  June 2011
                  *"Annie" (live production at Herberger Theatre) January 2011

                  *Mighty Dog Web Movie- April 2010

                  Mighty Dog Commerical- November 2009
                  Good Morning Arizona (3TV) August 2009
                  3TV News (3TV)  August 2009
                  Arizona Mid-Day News (NBC)  August 2009
                  Fox 10 News (FOX)- July 2009