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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jaz & Abbie made the news!!

Jaz and Abbie made the news!! It's been a big week for Jasmine! She was on TV on Thursday, and now I found out she was in the newspaper on Friday! (I just have to see if I can track down a copy of Friday's paper!!) Abbie is the dog that plays "Sandy" and Jasmine is the "stray dog".

They interviewed Bobb Cooper- the director of the play "Annie"- about the dogs that were chosen to be in it! Here's the article: http://www.azcentral.com/community/phoenix/articles/2011/05/26/20110526phoenix-valley-youth-theatres-annie-finds-dog-stars.html

It's kind of funny. The first time they held dog auditions, no one showed up!! (Because I don't think many people knew about it.) So the second time they had auditions, a LOT of dogs showed up! (You can see the pics in my previous posts.)

We're so excited to be involved in this production of Annie. It doesn't even matter that it's a small part. (I actually like it better- considering this is our first time doing live theater!) So it will be such a good experience for Jaz! And I just love the play. We went to our first rehearsal last Saturday. It was SO COOL watching all these talented kids sing and dance. Neither of which are talents that I've been blessed with! ;) But I really appreciate the arts. I've always enjoyed good music, drama, and dance. And it's fun being able to participate using my talents of dog-training in a different atmosphere. I feel like I'm a part of something special. And the upbeat songs of "Annie" can't help but leave you feeling happy.
This is my "homeless dog" or "stray mutt". In the cast list, she's listed as "other dog". lol. The title changes every time, but it's the same part. And she's going to have a little bio in the playbill!
I'm growing her hair out, so she looks as shaggy as possible! (By June, she will be one big hair ball.) I've met the boy (Max) who is playing the dog catcher. He really likes dogs. So I think this will be a really good experience for everyone! If you're in Phoenix, come check it out! :) It's at the Herberger Theater from June 10-26th. :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jaz was on TV today!

Jaz was on TV today! (To my surprise!) I sent in this clip yesterday, and they sent me an email today at 2:40 pm saying that Jasmine was going to be on their show at 3:30 pm today! (Although, I didn't even see that email until 3:45 pm!!) Luckily, they have the clip posted online!!! =D Wow- things happen fast around here! Sometimes it's hard for me to keep up!! ;)

Here's the link in case that video doesn't work! http://bcove.me/xjg651cu

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Annie" Audition Results, and TV Appearance

GREAT NEWS!!! I got a call on Sunday from the director of "Annie". They picked Jasmine for the role of "homeless dog"! =D So I guess our plan to show up at the Sandy audition, and not look anything like Sandy worked out really well!

This isn't a huge role, but I'm still excited about it! I have always loved live theater, and love the idea of being behind the scenes. Besides, what an awesome opportunity for Jaz!! She'll get practice performing in front of a live audience with every possible distraction you can think of! Lights/Sounds/People. This will be such a good experience!!

The nice thing about doing a commercial, photo shoot, or most TV programs is that they edit the footage!! So if you mess up, you can do it again and it's no big deal! They always make it look nice!

We've only been on live TV one time. It was last summer... and trust me... it was quite the learning experience!!!

I made the mistake of giving the host some of Jaz's treats at the beginning, because she wanted to do some tricks with Jaz. (We discussed this before the show.) And now I know that I should have waited to give them to the host AFTER we had finished our trick routine!

Because at that point, I couldn't get Jasmine to pay attention to me! (Because she thought the host had the treats! And my dog is VERY food-motivated!!) And the producers also told me I would only have 60 seconds to do our tricks. So I planned 60 seconds worth. Then on live TV, they said keep going. And of course, my brain froze. So I couldn't even think of what other tricks to ask Jaz to do!! (to fill up 2 minutes, 20 seconds worth of time!) I don't think fast when put on the spot! So really, live TV is not my strong point!! But it was still fun. And I just chalk it up to good practice! (It was our FIRST live performance!) Everyone has to start somewhere! Live and learn, right?? =)

The big advantage of participating in the play "Annie" is that we'll get the benefits of a live performance. And yet, it's a practiced routine which both Jasmine and I will know. So I won't have to improvise!! ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Auditions for Annie!

A local community theater is performing the musical "Annie" next month. I guess they had auditions for the role of Sandy last week, but nobody came! The newspaper ran an article about it, and how they were re-holding auditions this week! I debated whether to go down there. (Because they were asking for a sandy-colored dog, and as you know, Jasmine looks NOTHING like Sandy!) But I figured I might as well try! A gray/white dog is better than no dog at all! (Plus, I figured if tan dogs did show up, it would just be good practice for us auditioning!)

I was able to get the afternoon off from work, and go down to the audition. And there were a TON of sandy-colored dogs there!! (Probably close to 25 dogs!) We were #18 in line. But I figured we had driven all the way down there, we might as well stay and audition! Plus, it would be a good opportunity to meet the director in case there are other future plays with dogs in them! And then I found out there was a second dog part- for a "homeless dog"- that the dog catcher chases. And he catches the "homeless dog" instead of "Sandy". And the director said they would prefer a dog that didn't look like Sandy. So... that was promising! That was the one thing we had going for us!

It took a long time to get through all the applicants (a few hours), but it was enjoyable talking with everyone there. (Dog people are always fun to talk to!) :)

And finally, they called Jasmine's name. We were lead into the auditorium, onto the stage. We met the girl that was playing Annie. I talked to the director about Jaz. We did a few off-lead exercises. (Come, sit, stay) With me in off-stage in the wings, and Jaz with the director and "Annie". The girl walked Jaz around with the leash on. And that was about it! I told him that considering the # of tan dogs that turned out to play Sandy, that we would be fine with auditioning for the "homeless dog". So... we'll see!

I was looking at the schedule. If we get the part... the play would basically be my life for the entire month of June! While driving home, I contemplated if it was worth it for such a small role. (It's not something we'd get paid for- plus it's about 1/2 hour drive to get to the theater.) But in the end, I thought it would be fun. I love the music from Annie. (And there are 22 performances, so I'd better like the music!!) If we get offered the role, it would be an excellent opportunity for Jasmine to practice working in front of a live audience. (Thus far, we've only done commercial shoots and photo shoots... and those you can do over if you mess up.) Because of our volunteering at the hospital, she loves kids and is used to being pet by strangers. So she would really enjoy the socialization part of it. And it would just be fun to do something new. And to be a part of something special. (Being backstage, and being part of a performance is kind of exciting.) I love good theater, and I love watching Broadway shows. (Although some are better than others- so I want to support the good ones!) You can't get much better than a production of Annie. I'll drive home every night with those songs in my head!

And this dog is Chance! He played the part of "Sandy" over 7 years ago- the last time they did this show! (I'm betting he gets the part again!) He probably even remembers his lines! ... WOOF... Very good! =)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Funny Dog Video Blog...

There are just too many funny dog videos out there. I share them on Facebook... then those posts get buried... and I can't go back and watch them again! So I decided to make a separate blog- just to collect and share all the funny dog videos I find! (and that people share with me!) So... if you have any good ones, send them to me! And I'll share them here:


Some people collect stamps. I collect funny animal videos!! ;)

Monday, May 9, 2011

People Pets!! (cutest pet contest)

Jasmine won a cutest pet photo contest with People Pets through her Twitter account!! (@MyFavPupJasmine) =)

And this is what she won!!

The prizes they sent in this box are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!! (and this sounds cheezy, but I even liked how they matched the orange/green tissue paper to their theme colors on the People Pets Hand-out!) The pics probably don't do them justice... but there's one leash from BuckleDown Pet Products - that has a matching collar. And I LOVE IT! It's called "Love Love Pink"... and the collar has a seatbelt buckle with a little bone on it!!! I can't tell you how cute this is!! (with matching leash!)

And they sent me 2 collars from "Pawsibilites". They are velcro- and have interchangeable covers. People Pets Style page shows all 4 of the colors that they sent me. Such a clever idea! You never have to take the collar off- and yet you have 4 different styles! I figured this was more than enough collars for Jaz to have, so I shared some with Francie! (She was my friend's goldendoodle featured in our latest doggy pirate adventure movie!)

What a fun day! =) (Jaz was super excited to greet the UPS guy! She normally thinks every person who comes to the front door is there to see her. But this time is was true!!) ;)

International doggy!

I received a request from the BBC asking for permission to use this video on an upcoming children's program!

How fun is that?! The Shopping Dog is going to England & Scotland! (and wherever else the BBC plays!) So... now I just have to find an international friend who would be willing to tape it for me this fall! =D

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Doggy Pirate Adventure! (the sequel?)

I've had people ask me if I am going to make a trilogy of this video... like the Pirates of the Caribbean films! Ummmm.... maybe? But I need help! Any other ideas for future plots? What would a Part 2 movie entail?
(And just let me say... I did TRY originally to have some of the other dogs wear pirates outfits! They aren't as good of a sport as Jasmine is!) ;) So... even if I were to get a Jack Sparrow wig... I don't know which dog would be willing to wear it!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A Doggy Pirate Adventure

I had another idea for a video! (OK, well maybe I stole the plot from "Pirates of the Caribbean"!) But... there's never been a doggy pirate movie! And since Johnny Depp wasn't returning my calls, I decided to make my own!

This one was a little more tricky to film, because Jasmine is the only dog who is clicker trained! Toddy knows a few basic commands and likes to imitate Jasmine. The golden doodles are gorgeous dogs... but they only know how to sit! (sometimes) So... most of these actions I got them to do through luring with a treat! It was quite amusing to watch us trying to get all the dogs to cooperate at the same time!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane (with Mighty Dog!)

So... I was just surfing YouTube (looking at dog videos, of course!!) And I was surprised when I saw some with Jasmine's face on it! It turns out that on the Purina Petcentric channel, they had posted all the Mighty Dog audition videos! Which made me happy! Those were so cute! Besides Jesse, Mater, and Jasmine (the dogs who won), check out Lulu and Hemi! Those were my other favorites! They had all these posted and I never knew about it! I thought once they took them down from their website, they were gone!

Here was our audition video: (we've come a long way since then!)

Here was the Mighty Dog Trailer: (that was on TV- Thanksgiving Day)

And here's the final movie- starring Jasmine, Jesse, and Mater! =)