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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dogs Play Basketball

You know how sometimes you get a great idea in your head... but then you don't have time to do anything about it? 

That's what happened to me!

Back in April... I had the idea to make a basketball movie- showcasing the talents of as many dogs as I could find.  Luckily, I'm pretty well plugged in with the trick dog world.  (Through Jasmine's Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.)   And I found 21 dogs from around the world that knew how to play ball!!  :)   They all sent me clips, and then...... I got super busy and didn't do anything with them!

But recently, I got motivated to work on it again!   (Having Labor Day off from work totally helped!)  ;)   I spent the day editing together this video!   And- 4 months after I originally started- Voila!  The video is done!  I'm happy with it.   I love showing the different breeds- large, medium, and small.  As far as I'm aware, this is the 1st ever International Canine All-Star Basketball Team!!  :)   

I listed in the description where each dog was from.  Most are in the USA, but some are from Switzerland, Australia, and England!  I think it's so fun to watch!  :) 

And apparently other people agree.  Because I just uploaded this Monday afternoon, and as of Tuesday night, it already has 3,450 views!!  (That's just one day later!)   What can I say?  They're cute dogs!  
I think we're going to have to start our own Dream Team....  ;)


  1. That is super cute! I've got my dog Pierson jumping through hoops. Perhaps after I get done teaching him the roll-over trick I can teach him to play basketball! Great job!!!

  2. Love it! I found myself clapping for Jasmine every time she made it in. :) And the others too of course! :) Great video!

  3. LOVE THIS! Maybe I'll invest in a short hoop for my beagle pup to practice with? Maybe he'll be at your next try outs! ;)

  4. Great job! How fun seeing all of the dogs shooting hoops.

  5. Really, really good list. I could never imagine leaving my cats and dog behind either, but I know how easily that could happen. Thanks for sharing and glad you are safe!