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Friday, September 19, 2014

101 Dog Tricks for Kids- reviewed by Jasmine

True that!!  I'm always searching for new trick ideas for Jasmine!  When I first started trick training, I constantly was referring to our "101 Dog Tricks" book for ideas.  (Which I liked because they rate the tricks according to difficulty and also give you trouble-shooting hints.)

So now there's a new book out called "101 Dog Tricks for Kids".    It's got the same vivid, bright pictures to catch your attention.  In addition to trick ideas, it also has easy craft projects for kids.  (and adults, I might add!)  If I still worked at a day care, I would totally be stealing some of these project ideas. 

It also has practical advise.  For example, it teaches a "trick" called "Be A Tree", which teaches how to get your dog to not jump on you.  (Very much needed advice- especially for young kids!)

We do a lot of trick show for kids.  So now I can tell them where I got my ideas!  :)