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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Remember when Jasmine was featured on 
Yanked! Pet skills?  

Well, they used some of her video footage 
in their promo video:

You'll also see our friends- Jesse, the Jack Russell Terrier  and Hero, the Border Collie!

I wonder if I should change Jasmine's 
Facebook page to:  Jasmine, the Havanese.  
It just doesn't sound as cool!  
So, I guess we'll just leave it as 
Because that's what she is to me.  :)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Patriotic Pet GiftBox!

It's our favorite time!! 
 Guess what the delivery guy left on our doorstep??  Our Pet GiftBox!!   Jaz is sooo excited!  
As you can see from the picture, Chewy is stoic, but excited on the inside.  ;)   
They're going to share the Pet Gift Box!  
(This works out well, because Jasmine mainly loves the treats, and Chewy mainly loves the toys.)  Jaz knows she can't get into the box until I say it's okay, but she's definitely eager!  She loves these things!  (The squeaky noise in the background is Chewy- who snuck a toy already.)  At least one of my dogs is well behaved.  ;)

We've received several Pet Gift Boxes.  But I'd have to say this one was my favorite.
It had a patriotic theme.  With 4th of July coming up, I thought it was very fitting.   There was a box of "pawtriotic" dog treats (Made in the USA).  Also a package of Bill-Jac soft dog treats, which when purchased help provide assistance dogs to disabled veterans.

   There were also patriotic toys- a US Army Bear Recruit dog toy, and a toy Walkie-Talkie.  (which Jasmine promptly shook very ferociously.)   ;)    I had to take a video of it, because every picture was blurry!

And my favorite- a new paw magnet for my car!  I had one for years, but recently noticed it was gone!  So either it fell off at the car wash or someone took it.  But either way, it was time for a new one!  And so I was very happy when one showed up in my Pet Gift Box!  I like that this one shows the American Flag AND a paw print.  It's on my car right now.  :)

People ask me why Chewy doesn't get to be in very many pictures.  Well, it's because Chewy is not very good at posing for pictures.  He rarely holds still!  

But Jasmine will always pose for pics, as long as I have a treat!  
Jasmine plays with the toys for a little while, shaking them, and tossing them around the room.  Then bequeaths them to Chewy to slobber on.  After that, they are all his!  She'd rather have the treats!
  So with this Pet Gift Box, everybody wins.  ;) 

If you're interested in getting one for your cat or pup, here's how:  https://petgiftbox.com/  You can also select what size dog you have, and what gender.  (I obviously get a box designed for a female little dog!)
It's cute- they even wrote Jasmine's name on the front of the box.   Since Princess Jasmine always assumes that everyone who rings the doorbell is there to see her, it's nice that once a month when her Pet Gift Box gets delivered, it's actually true.  ;) 

FINE PRINT:  I say this every time, but I'll say it again...  I'm very picky about who I do product reviews for.  It was to be a product that I will actually let my dog have, use, wear, or eat.  I do not receive any compensation for doing product reviews.  Companies send us their products, and I let Jaz and/or Chewy try it.  And this is my honest opinion of the items we receive.