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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Best Video Award Winner! :D

It's going to feel like Christmas in July when I post this... but there's a reason!

At the BlogPaws pet social media convention, Jasmine was nominated for a "Nose-to-Nose" award... for "Best Video on a Blog".

This is the video that was nominated:

And she won!!  (Which caught me off-guard, considering the popularity of the other entries!)  The videos were judged not only on technical merits, but also on creativity and originality. (Which is where I was told we received a high score.)  :)  Once all the scores were averaged together, Jasmine's video had won!  :D    http://www.blogpaws.com/2012/07/blogpaws-2012-pet-blogging-and-social-media-award-winners-announced.html

It was so exciting!   We got to pick a shelter or rescue group to donate 5,000 meals to!!  (That's the best part!)   So we picked the Arizona Animal Welfare League.  It's one of Arizona's oldest and largest shelters.

Photo Credit: Becka Jeffs

Here's the beautiful trophy that Jasmine won.

Photo credit: Rebecka Jeffs
This is a new trick she just learned.  (How to put her paw on something and hold still for a picture.)

Here's my sweet pup.  Because of her funny little trick videos... we were able to help out a shelter by giving them 5,000 meals from Halo and FreeKibble.  How cool is that??  I am sometimes amazed at all the paths this sweet little pup has taken me down.  Who knew?  


  1. We love you, Jasmine! And lots of hungry tummies are going to be filled cause you are such a good actor! What an excellent woofie you are! And so kind hearted!
    Please tell CJ that we need to see this video next Christmas. Please? Please? I think it should become a VIDEO CLASSIC Christmas video!

  2. So awesome! Great mini movie, and thanks for picking the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA for your 5000 meals donations!

  3. Hysterical! Well done. Love the bloopers reel at the end. Thank you for selecting AAWL.