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Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Totally Floored by my Pet"

Bissell wanted to know about a time I was "totally floored" by my pet.  It actually happened quite recently!!

As you know Jasmine is a smart pup.  She knows over 100 different tricks/ behaviors.  She loves to learn.  And she loves a challenge.

This is good and bad.  

The good news is... she loves doing her tricks. (because it means she gets treats!)  And she's VERY motivated by treats. 

Look at all the fun tricks she can do!  (all taught through positive reinforcement.)

The bad news is...  Jaz can be a little too smart sometimes!!  She teaches herself new tricks!!  (Like how to open the cabinets, and get in the garbage can!)  I don't have children yet, but I still had to install baby locks on my cabinets because of a certain smart puppy!!

After the BlogPaws pet convention in SLC, we flew home on Sunday night.  I had to go to work early Monday morning, so I didn't have time to unpack.  I KNEW my suitcase had treats in it, so I zipped it up.  And just to be on the safe side, I shut my bedroom door.  

When I came home from work, this is what I found!!   Here's a picture of the suspect at the scene of the crime!    I was totally floored.  I knew I had shut my door, but it must not have clicked all the way.  Because somehow Houdini the Wonder Dog managed to open it, open my suitcase, dig out the treats, and devour the whole bag!!    

When I posted this picture on Facebook, my friend Sara said "That's the perils of owning a talented dog!"   LOL. 


  1. My dog, Bella always uses her tricks to do things like that!

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