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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Anyone want a free stay at BestFriends Pet Care?

Hey- does anyone live near any of these locations? 

Jasmine was a finalist in a contest with Best Friends Pet Care.  She won a free 2-night stay, but the closest location to me is San Diego. (I'm in AZ) So I don't think I'll be using it before it expires.

Here's what is says on the gift certificate:  "This FREE package includes two nights' boarding in a two-room suite with premium food, orthopedic bedding and daily groom service.  Whether your dog loves social group play or is the more independent type, his days will be filled with customized care just right for him."

So if you would like it, let me know.  If more than 1 person wants it, I'll just draw names out of a hat.  :)  


  1. We would love to be entered. We discovered them during a charity walk event as our previous overnight provider has retired from the business leaving us with only our Vet's Kennel as an overnight option. We researched the information we found at their booth and are planning to use them.

  2. I would like to be considered! Roxy would enjoy it!