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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The expert in anything was once a beginner.

I posted this picture on my facebook page.  And wrote "it's true.  We need to be patient with ourselves."

Whether we are learning a new skill, developing our talents, or training our dogs.  These things take time.  And there's no use comparing yourself to someone who's farther down the road.  There will always be someone more advanced than you.  The secret is to just do better today than you did yesterday.  And realize that growth takes time.  

This is Baby Jaz.  I had no idea when I got this sweet little pup that eventually her dog tricks would be seen around the world.  We just don't know the potential we have hidden inside us.  Be patient.  And allow yourself time to discover your path in this life.  Who knows where you'll end up.  :)

You might go from this:

To this:  :)


  1. We are in awe. Jasmine is a STAR!

  2. Thanks for that post CJ! You are so right. As I rehab Ebony's leg I have been feeling down and discouraged that she may never be able to do agility again. But now I have hope. We will be trying some holistic therapy to avoid surgery. We are trying to stay positive and I am now focusing on trick training that will not hurt her leg. Exciting days ahead no matter what happens!

  3. Yep, everybody has to start somewhere!! You are too cute.
    Happy 4th