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Thursday, September 15, 2011

We did it!!!!!! Thanks to you!!!!

Woohoo!!!! WE DID IT!!!! Jaz finished in the Top 5 of the Dog Days of Summer contest!! So that means she qualified to be in the magazine now!!! I almost can't believe it! Because of the unlimited voting, the numbers were flip-flopping all over the place! Jaz was in 3rd, then 5th, then 6th, then 4th, then 5th... it was crazy!

But due to some WONDERFUL WONDERFUL friends- who dedicated a lot of time to supporting Jasmine.... we did it! She finished in spot #4! Wow- that was a close race!!
And I'm just so thrilled!!! And overwhelmed with gratitude!!!
I had friends voting from the hospital, before/after school, all during the day, and night. I had friends having contests who could vote the most for Jaz! I had friends who still voted for Jaz even though their lives were full of hard times.) (and I tried to talk them out of voting- but they said it was a good distraction.) And the last night of the contest- when the #'s were SOOO close, I even had 2 friends that stayed up- and pulled an all-nighter voting for Jaz. Wow. All I can say is wow.

Because of all of you, I feel so loved. And am so grateful for all you've done. Every night when I was voting, and the votes kept jumping up... it was so cool.... knowing someone else was out there voting for Jaz at the same time as me! I can't thank you enough!!!

Today, I got an email from the magazine. They're having a meet & greet at the end of the month for the Top 5 Dogs- and then the judges will decide who the main winner is. So.... wish us luck!! (The main winner gets some other prizes too.) But I'm mainly interested in the editorial spread in the magazine! The other stuff... is just stuff! I'll probably have to end up donating it- so I don't have to pay taxes on it!! (I learned that lesson when I won the Mighty Dog contest!!)

Well my friends- I don't know how else I can express how grateful I am for all of you- and how supportive you are of me and Jasmine. You guys rock. That's all I can say. =)


  1. I have Jasmine on my desktop and it was so much fun voting every day. I just know she'll go all the way to the top. How could she not. She is one very special little girl!

  2. Contratulations to you and Jasmine! It is so wonderful to know that all of our voting has paid off. :) We will keep our paws crossed that she makes it into the magazine.