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Monday, September 19, 2011

Meet the BarkWorld Ticket Winner!

Buddy, this is Pepper! Pepper, meet Buddy! :D

This is so cool. Remember when I posted about the free ticket I had to give-away to the BarkWorld Expo?

Well, we have a winner! :D

Cherise wrote me that she would love the ticket if no one else wanted it. Her dog Buddy is on Dogster, and she has a Dogster pal named Pepper that is going, and they would love to meet there for the first time!

How could I resist? I'm actually meeting my friend Lauren there for the first time too! :D (Even though we've been friends for years!) We're both giving the presentation on "How To Make Your Dog A YouTube Sensation"! So I'm really excited about that!

Pepper has been a fan of Jasmine's for about a year (ever since she saw the "Dog Goes Shopping" video on YouTube!) And Pepper had won a free ticket from Dogster! So how perfect is it that? They both won free tickets and get to meet up at the BarkWorld Expo!

If you want to come- it'll be here soon!! It's in Atlanta, GA from Sept. 29- Oct. 1st.

Oops! I made a mistake! That lab pictured above is named Molly! This is actually Buddy!


  1. That's wonderful news....have a great time in Atlanta!

  2. Oh you all will have a blast!! So much fun meeting in the furs!!


  3. Jasmine thanks so furry much for the ticket and what an honor to be written up in your blog. Pepper and I are so excited to meet and to meet you! Watch out Atlanta here we come!

  4. I'm so excited!!! I get to meet Jaz and Buddy!!