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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Meet & Greet w/ the Judges!

Tonight was the Meet & Greet with the judges for the "Dog Days of Summer" contest!We all met up at the Oh My Dog Boutique. (Which was a really fun store!) WAY too many cute things in there!!
All the Top 5 finalist dogs were there... Bacci, the labradoodle. CocoaPuff, the pomeranian. Jasmine, the Havanese. And Molly, the all american dog. (mixed) and Dino, the mastiff (pictured below) ALL these dogs were SOOO CUTE! It's going to be really hard to pick a winner! Do you judge on looks? Personality? Talents? Who knows?! But no matter who they pick, they'll make the right choice. You can't go wrong with this bunch!! All the dogs were very friendly, and the owners were super cool. And it was so much fun talking, and meeting the other dogs... I think everyone had a good time. The judges were really really nice, so it didn't feel like there was any pressure. It was just a bunch of dog-lovers enjoying each others dogs!
I wanted to take CocoaPuff home!!! I JUST LOVE HER!!!! She's absolutely adorable!! This has to be the cutesiest little dog on the planet! (Yes, I just made that word up!) But she was!! She's like a living teddy bear!
Molly was my other favorite- a SUPER CUTE dog! With little pink bows in her ears. SOOO adorable!!
Dino was dog-gone tired! ;) This dog was HUGE!! But he was nice! The judges are going to make a decision over the next few days and announce it on their website! So I'll let you know!

I need to finish packing for the BarkWorld Expo! We leave tomorrow morning to fly out to Atlanta!! I'm SOO glad the meet & greet was tonight! And not tomorrow night!! LOL


  1. Oh how cool!! I hope you win Jaz and have fun traveling!! The other dogs are cute too.


  2. It looks like you and Jaz had lots of FUN! :) I love Cocoapuff and Molly too! SO CUTE!!!! :) GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND JAZ on the contest! :)

  3. Can't wait for the judges' decision. Lots of cuties there.

    Have fun in Atlanta!