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Friday, September 30, 2011

Doggy Day Care at BarkWorld!

While I was attending classes at BarkWorld on Friday, Jasmine got to stay at Best Friends Pet Care! (with the other YouTube Rockstar Paige!)

When I first left her there, Jaz was being a baby, and trying to tell me "Don't leave me, I want to go with you!!" (This photo cracks me up!)

But I went inside and watched out the mirrored doors, and soon she was just fine. Once she realized I had left, she went right up to another person to get her snuggles!

They took good care of her! They emailed me this picture while I was in class! SO CUTE!!!!! Jaz looks like she's modeling, while all the other dogs are just... being dogs! :D (But I swear, this wasn't a posed pic!)

Paige liked to snuggle too! :D (I snuck out between classes to check on Jaz and snap a few pics of my own!)

Check out this BarkWorld ice sculpture! It was pretty cool! It was a fire hydrant, and a water bowl for the dogs!! :D Pretty sweet!

This was so nice that the doggy daycare was located right out on the terrace on the same floor of the hotel as our classes.
They were SO sweet to the dogs!

I loved watching these dogs play! This isn't a good picture of it, but there was a really cute Frenchie named "Bello"- who was Jasmine's friend. By the end of BarkWorld, we had met and become friends with all these dogs! (And their owners!)

Lauren had loaned us one of Paige's old kennels for Jasmine to use while we were there. But it's obvious from this picture that she still remembers it's hers!! LOL.

Of course Jaz was overjoyed to see me when it was finally time for me to pick her up. First choice was to be with me. If that's not possible, then the next best thing was to hang out with her new friends at Best Friends Pet Care.


  1. You guys all look like you're having a wonderful time.

    The Day Care was nice but it was obvious that Jaz would rather be with Mom!

  2. It was so nice meeting you and Jasmine at BarkWorld. I am just so impressed with her fantastic tricks!! I've been watching her YouTube channel and consistently awed. I've even passed along videos to my friends... she's truly a rockstar! :)

  3. Everyone sure seems to be having a blast! I love the photo of Paige with her kennel. :)