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Monday, September 26, 2011

Atlanta.... Here We Come!!

I am getting so excited about our trip to Atlanta for the BarkWorld Pet Expo! (Jasmine is less excited.... lol... but she'll be okay.) I think she'll do better this trip because she's going to be under the seat in front of me on the plane. When we went to NY for the Letterman audition, she was in cargo, and that was kind of traumatizing for her! Lauren & her superstar dog Paige will be there with us! We're both giving the presentation on "How To Make Your Dog A YouTube Rockstar"! :) This is one of those presentations that could also be titled "Things I Wish I Knew 3 Years Ago!" There's a lot of good info! There's a little bit of everything- clicker training, editing videos, SEO, marketing, and the background story of Paige and Jasmine, to list a few! It's all the things Lauren and I have learned through experience! We've got the powerpoint presentation all done- and emailed to BarkWorld. So it will be ready for us when we arrive.

I'm trying to make sure I don't forget anything!! Jaz groomed... check. Vet health certificate... check. Now I just need to pack, and buy a new memory card for my camera! (So we can take a ton of pictures of our awesome trip!) We leave on Thursday!!

Life is insanely busy of course! Remember how Jaz was a Top 5 finalist in that "Dog Days of Summer" contest? Well, the meet & greet with the judges in this Wednesday! (to pick the final winner!) I'm so glad it was on Wednesday, not Thursday!! Or we would be in Atlanta!! so- it's go-go-go for us!! :D (But it's fun stuff, so it's all good!) :D


  1. We are also so excited, trying to get everything ready...little Buddy fell down deck stairs yesterday and has a little limp but I'm watching him and he should be ok! Cant wait to meet you! Thank you so much again for the ticket!
    Buddy & Cherise

  2. OH how fun!! It is all very exciting. Have fun and enjoy!!


  3. This is great.....Good luck tomorrow with the judges and can't wait to hear all about your trip to Atlanta! Too bad you have to fly at all.