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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Camping again!

I haven't been camping with Jasmine since she was a puppy! (At least 3 years ago!) And this month, we went twice! (Once with my family, and once with my friends.)
Jaz is a city dog... but she LOVES a good adventure!

She managed to stay fairly clean this camping trip! (Probably because we were in an official campsite!)
It only rained on us a little bit Friday night.

However- we didn't get any sleep! Because it was elk mating season. And the WHOLE night- every 45 minutes, you heard them calling back and forth!

We hiked down to the reservoir. Jaz didn't want to get in the cold water. But she liked hiking, and she liked resting down by the water!
Jaz found a good shady spot! :)

There were plenty of other dogs there that wanted to get in the water! (Even though it was really cold!) There was an Irish Setter who LOVED fetching his ball from the water. And when someone didn't throw it, he would just stare at it... trying to get it to move telekinetically! (It didn't work, but it was funny to watch!)


  1. Oh I know that telekinetically look....doesn't work for me either!

    Glad you had fun.

  2. Now that sounds like a super fun time.