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Friday, July 26, 2013

Jaz is in the Huffington Post!!

LOL... sometimes I'm clueless.

One of Jasmine's videos started getting a lot of attention- (the 45 Cute Dog Tricks one that I mentioned before)  And I wasn't sure where it was all coming from!  It's had over 20,000 new views in the last 24 hours!  (which is unusual for us!)  I mean... Jaz is popular... but not THAT popular!!

Finally, I was able to solve the mystery!  I discovered that a Spanish version of the Huffington Post used one of her videos in an article!

I used google translate and found out what they said:

"For most dog owners like to teach their pets tricks, but few animals have the talent of Jasmine. Sure, the Havanese is a breed that is known for being highly intelligent and easy to train. Click on the video and enjoy this adorable dog doing 45 of his best thanks. If you want more of it, follow it on Twitter."

So then I posted on Jasmine's Facebook page that I had solved the mystery and this was where all the views were coming from.  Well then one of Jasmine's fans posted the comment- "there's an English version as well!"

Oh duh!   That would make sense!  LOL... it's a good thing I have lots of friends to tell me what's going on!!!!

My favorite part is that when you "like" the article- this is what it posts on Facebook.... "We Get It Doggie, You're Better Than Us."   LOL!!!!

That part cracks me up!!   I'm really happy that the article mentioned that Jasmine was trained using positive reinforcement.  Because sometimes people give me a hard time about forcing my dog to do these tricks.  (Which is ENTIRELY untrue.)  If Jaz doesn't want to do tricks, we don't do them.  However 99% of the time (unless she's really tired) she REALLY WANTS to do tricks!!  (Because that's how she earns yummy treats!!)  And she is VERY treat motivated!!  And she's very smart!  (You just have to ask my mom- who was watching her while I was out of town.)  Jaz is a little too smart!  She figured out how to open the kitchen cabinet door and dump the garbage can!  (Which is why it now has baby locks on it!)  LOL. 

But all-in-all, she's a very very sweet dog.  And I'm glad more people get to see her trick videos.  Because that's more people she can help make smile and laugh.  And bring her own little ray of sunshine into this world...  :)


  1. That is funny that she got a spanish following and you didn't know it! Congrats on your success and thanks for spreading the word about positive reinforcement!

  2. I am not surprised! That video is awesome. Huggington Post! Wowie - congratulations. I am so happy for you all.