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Friday, July 19, 2013

Jasmine's Fashion Photoshoot!

Yesterday was a busy day for us!!   I only worked a half day, because Jasmine had a photo shoot at 4 pm.  (and we had to drive about an hour to get there.)   I can't say which company just yet, but you'll know in about 3-6 months!  Start keeping an eye out for Jasmine!  She'll pop up in some familiar places.  :)

Overall, I thought the photo shoot went pretty well.  Jasmine had to model lots of different outfits.  By the time we were through, she was one tired pup!  (and the shoot only lasted about 1/2 hour!)  

Most of what they asked for was the over-the-shoulder pose.  (Which Jaz is good at.)  Some were sitting, facing forward.  For one shot, Jaz sat pretty.  (and was sitting normal.)  I hope they use the sitting pretty shot, because she looked really cute.  :)

There was one hiccup... they wanted Jaz to stand diagonally wearing a coat and matching booties.  Well, Jaz is used to wearing clothes, but she is NOT used to wearing booties.  She's small enough that if it's hot outside, I just carry her.  So she never wears shoes.   So she wasn't real keen on the idea of wearing booties.  So I'm not sure if that shot turned out or not.  She might be making a funny face.  (The good and bad of having an expressive dog!)

When we were doing agility last year, it was cold, so I bought her a coat.  It came with matching booties.  Just for fun, I tried them on Jasmine.  LOL.  This was the end result:

Luckily, for this shoot, Jasmine just had to stand there, and not walk.  Otherwise it probably would have ended up looking like that!!  ;)


  1. That's her ballet move!! Priceless!

  2. Oh, my! Too, too funny! Jasmine deserved a TON of trees for that one!

  3. She is so funny walking on those boots. I think she doesn't get how to walk on them but she looks very cute wearing them.

  4. Jasmine lives a very exciing life!

  5. That's great Jasmine. You are so talented!!

    your friend