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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

WHY do we want to go to #Barkworld??

WHY do we want to go to BARKWORLD??

I think a more appropriate question would be WHY WOULDN'T you want to go to BARKWORLD?!  :D

BARKWORLD IS AWESOME!  If you've never heard of it, it's a pet social media convention held in Atlanta, GA.  This year it's in August.

They have classes that help you become more social media savvy.  (And don't worry- they have beginning to advanced level classes... something for everyone.)   (And the skills I learn at these conferences help me in my regular full time job too!)   It's an INCREDIBLE place for networking with other pet companies and pet lovers.  

If you don't know my dog Jasmine, she's a talented trick dog.  We've been to the past 2 BarkWorld's.  (2011 and 2012)

My first year at BarkWorld, we taught a class called "How To Make Your Pet a YouTube Rockstar".  (Since Jasmine's popularity took off when I created her original YouTube video "Dog Goes Shopping"... which is now up to 222,590 views!)   And from there, Jaz became well known on social media, and now has a very loyal following of friends all over the world!  

Jaz actually got several opportunities to be on TV because of connections we made!  (She perfomed her dog tricks on Animal Planet's "Who Let The Dogs Out" and the Anderson Cooper show..... all because of connections we made at BarkWorld!) 

And now... we're trying to get back to BarkWorld again!  The expo is Aug. 22-24th, 2013.  

And Pruven from 3M is sponsoring one lucky blogger to go!  
But I need your help!

Here's an easy way to help send Jasmine back to BarkWorld!  Tweet at BarkWorld (and Pruven) that you would like them to pick My Favorite Pup Jasmine to send to Atlanta!  Or write it on their Facebook page!  (I made a Rafflecopter thingy just to make it simple)  There's no prizes involved, but I really would appreciate your help!  (and I didn't write any terms & conditions since it is just a friend helping out a friend!)  And there's no limit to the # of times you can contact them, and encourage them to pick Jasmine!

P.S.  In case you are still curious about BarkWorld, here's a teaser video I made about our trip out there!  We loved it!!!  :)  :)  :)

BarkWorld Expo


  1. Yippee! You have entered! Good Luck,

  2. I'm going with my mom. Good Luck! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar