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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jaz's shopping video is on @buzzfeed!!! :D

Ok- remember how I was happy because Jasmine had one picture in a BuzzFeed article over the summer?

Well, imagine how excited I was when a friend emailed me that there was a whole story on BuzzFeed about Jasmine!!  

They took little segments out of her "Dog Goes Shopping" Video and created a storyline from it.  :)

That was the video that first made Jasmine famous.  Most people don't know this, but that was actually my 2nd "Dog Goes Shopping" video.

Here's the original:

This one is cute for me to watch.  Look how young Jasmine was.  This was after she just barely had learned the shopping cart trick.  She would stop after each time and look at me to make sure she was doing it right.  (And to get her treat!)   I think she's so cute.   :)    (But I know I'm a little biased.)  :)

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  1. Such a cutie! What an accomplishment!! Congratulations!