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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jaz is on TV Fri!! #WhoLetTheDogsOut

I'm so excited!

Jasmine is going to be on Season 2 of "Who Let The Dogs Out"!  :D  
(THIS Fri. Feb 8th- on the Hallmark channel!)

Jasmine and I were on this show last season too!  Last year, they had a trick talent contest, and we were flown out to Universal Studios, California to perform live for the finale!  

Here's the video if you missed it:

We actually came in 2nd place (even though they didn't show it on the finale.)  It was SO MUCH FUN!!  Jaz and I have been all over the country performing for different TV shows, but I can honestly say that our experience on "Who Let The Dogs Out" was the best of them all!  It was so fun, and everyone was so nice!!  We became friends with Karen (and Norman).  And Ron (and Tillman).  I don't get star-struck meeting celebrities.  But I do get star-struck meeting celebrity dogs!!  I didn't know how they would be.  But they are both SUPER SUPER nice people.  They just made it such a great experience!  We had a blast!

Then in June, Jasmine and I were speakers at the BlogPaws convention.  (Giving a presentation about "How To Make Your Dog A YouTube Rockstar!).   Natural Balance was there.  (Which means our friends Norman and Tillman were there!)  It was fun seeing them again!  We got to interview them, and Natural Balance recorded it.  And I found out they are going to use it on the show!

So be sure to watch "Who Let The Dogs Out" THIS FRIDAY, FEB 8th- and you can see the interviews and find out what BlogPaws is all about!   :D

Norman and Jasmine 
Tillman and Jasmine (the sun was in their eyes!)
Jasmine performing on the Season 1 finale of "Who Let The Dogs Out" 
Talking with John Fulton - the host of "Who Let The Dogs Out" and "Must Love Cats"
Jasmine and I after the show!  I was so proud of her!!

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