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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

March Madness- Canine Style!

In the animal kingdom, they have their own version of "March Madness!"  :D
Here's a true story.  I don't watch sports.  I know very little about sports.  The first year my office did a March Madness pool, they wanted everyone to contribute $5 and guess who was going to win it.  I got talked into participating.  When I picked my teams, I didn't know the numbers next to the team names meant anything.  So I lost very quickly!

The next year, I still knew nothing about sports.  (Other than that number by the team name was their ranking.)  So this time, I made my selections mostly based on which team was ranked higher.  And when it was close, I guessed based on 1) if I had been to that city, 2) if I liked their team colors, and 3) what their team mascot was. (which animal I liked better.)

And guess what... that was the year I WON!!!  I won the whole office jackpot for March Madness.  Of course, everyone was mad because they knew I didn't even watch sports!!  And they knew how I had made my selections! (Because I had to ask what the team mascot and colors were!!)  LOL.  (They weren't really upset, it was all in good fun.)  They have no one to blame but themselves... they made me enter!  Because I won, they "encouraged" (made me) spend the jackpot by buying lunch for the whole office.  But it's all good.  ;)  We still joke about it... 

That's when I decided to stick to what I know best.  DOG TRICKS.  I decided to create my own Canine Basketball Team!  :)

We are friends with trick dogs from all over the world!  (Mainly because of Facebook and YouTube!)
So I wrote them and asked if they wanted to join our FIRST EVER Canine Basketball Team!  (Of course the answer was yes!)   

So here they are- meet the Canine All-Star Basketball Team:

This video showcases dogs from all over the USA, as well as Switzerland, Australia, Canada, and England!  And even better, all of these dogs were trained using positive reinforcement.  (Just like Jaz!)  I just love watching it.  It always makes me smile.  We are miles apart, but our love of dogs brings us together.

So, this is pretty much the only sports I like to watch!   Hope you enjoyed March Madness- Canine Style!

P.S.  Clips from this video were featured on Animal Planet last December!  (On a show called "A Year in Pup Culture".   :)


  1. That is PAWTASTIC!! I loved this. I am a University of Kentucky Wildcat fan and they are cats. ;-)

  2. LOVE your team and your story...I'd pick you guys (and girls) anytime!

  3. Was wondering what the "random act of kindness" is for March? Inquiring pups want to know. BOL