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Sunday, February 10, 2013

#Dogs are Family.

The fact that I consider dogs to be part of my family should not come as a surprise to anyone that knows me!!  
This is one of my most favorite pictures ever.  My two favorite things- kids and dogs.  :)
Jasmine's favorite sleeping position- upside down on my bed.  Sometimes Jaz talks in her sleep.  She makes little "woof" sounds- which sound more like "uff".  But every time I try to turn on my video camera to record it, she wakes up.  Maybe one of these days I'll capture it!
Sometimes Jasmine has "playdates" over at her cousin's house.  I don't have a big backyard, so I take Jaz over there to run around.  She loves it!  

Jasmine loves to go with me anywhere she can.  Somehow she knows the difference between going on a car ride around town, and when we're traveling somewhere big.  (Like when we went to LA for that audition, or if we're flying somewhere to be on TV.)  She normally gets excited when we go somewhere.  But she gets super excited when we're going on a trip.  (I think she knows the difference because I'm usually packing her props if we're going on a trip. (To use for her tricks.)   That's how she knows something's up!

Remember how I've been watching Subaru dog commercials lately?  To see if I can train Jasmine to do the tricks in them?  (to put on her resume?)   This one would be easy!    http://bit.ly/XBvlE5 

 I think it's fun that the people at Subaru are such dog lovers.  (and not necessarily cat lovers!)  LOL- check out this one...  http://bit.ly/14e4PrJ

They are making some fun apps on their Facebook page.  (Like making a driver's licence for your dog.)  I totally am going to make one of these for Jasmine!!   http://subar.us/USzh6V

Although- if Jaz DOES get a license... there will be no stopping her!!  She's already known on YouTube as the shopping dog!!!  LOL  

By the way, this post is a sponsored by Subaru.  We're compensated for helping spread the word about the "Dog Tested, Dog Approved" Campaign.  I am very picky/ selective on who I choose to do sponsored posts for.  So I only do it for companies that I agree with and/or support.  (In the case of a dog product, I'll only do sponsored posts for products that I would use or give to Jasmine myself.)  But in this case, it's a car.  Jaz likes car rides.  :)  So I figured she'd approve of this one.  ;)


  1. Hey Jaz, you need to be in the next round of Subaru commercials!

    We love this campaign, it really speaks to the heart of what we are all about. Thanks Subaru!

    1. Wouldnt' that be cool?? I would love that! :D I always watch the dog commercials to make sure Jaz knows those behaviors! Maybe someday! :D

  2. My dog is my baby. :-)