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Friday, February 1, 2013


This time of year seems to divide the Sports fans... from the Animal fans!
There's the SuperBowl... and there's the Puppy Bowl.  And individuals have to choose for themselves which is going to get their attention this year!

For me, dogs always win.  I'm not a huge sports fan.  (Although I did watch part of the SuperBowl last year- because they aired one of Jasmine's videos during half-time!! (here in AZ).  (She was the Channel 12 - "12 Seconds of Fame" winner!  (click here if you want to see it.)

But other than that, I never watch the SuperBowl.  If you haven't heard of the Puppy Bowl, it's on Animal Planet at 3 pm EST.  (on 2/3/13)  It's cute.  Animal fans love it.

This year, Subaru came up with an app that you can download!  (As you watch i the Puppy Bowl live on TV, the app brings up additional content (like facts/ photos/ trivia/ polls/ discussions, etc.)   It will be syncing up with live TV. (Did I even spell that right??)  Syncing?   It basically works in unison with the broadcast (the sounds on the show trigger activity on the app.)  Pretty cool, huh?  (I borrowed this picture from the Animal Planet's website)

It looks like a fun way to make the Puppy Bowl more interactive.  (a way to engage with other animal lovers.)  I went to go download it, but then I found out it's only available this Sunday, Feb. 3rd.
So... here's the link for future reference!  http://blogp.ws/Wxa8ia  

As most of you know, Jasmine has an agent, and we're always trying to get her in more commericals/movies, etc...  (In fact we just had a call-back in LA last weekend which I'll be blogging about later!)   Anyway- I like watching commercials with animals in them, so I can figure out which behaviors/tricks they ask of the dogs.  (So I can make sure Jasmine has those on her resume!)

Here's a Subaru teaser that has some pretty easy dog behaviors:    http://bit.ly/14i6dbE   Jaz can do those tricks (heel/speak), but I think it  looks better with a bigger dog.  (Dogs are type cast!!)   She could totally do that cat part though...  I've already started teaching her how to drive!  ;)  LOL- just kidding.  (Unless she takes the car without my knowledge!!)

Here's another video:  http://bit.ly/XBvlE5  That one's easy.  Have Jaz hide behind the seat, then paws up.   Jaz could have done that one. :)  (and they used a small, fluffy dog for it!)  That's the kind of parts Jasmine usually gets.

So... that's what I do in my spare time.  Watch commercials/movies with dogs in them, and try to analyze which behaviors are used!!  ;)  (and then train Jaz to do them!)

I thought this was a cute pic:   Look at that CUTE doggy smile.  :)  :)   Just makes me happy.   This is one of the dogs that was in last year's Subaru commercial.

Have fun watching the PUPPY BOWL!!  (I'm just assuming you'll be watching the puppy bowl... most the people who follow Jasmine's blogs are obviously dog lovers.)   ;)

By the way, this post is a sponsored by Subaru.  We're compensated for helping spread the word about the "Dog Tested, Dog Approved" Campaign.  I am very picky/ selective on who I choose to do sponsored posts for.  So I only do it for companies that I agree with/ support.  (In the case of a dog product, I'll only do sponsored posts for products that I would use or give to Jasmine myself.)  But in this case, it's a car.  Jaz likes car rides.  :)  So I figured she'd approve of this one.  ;)


  1. We will be watching the puppy bowl so exciting!

  2. Can't wait to download the app and play with it. Thx for sharing!

  3. Dex sez he and Jaz could have a Puppy Bowl!

    1. We should absolutely have a puppy bowl!! It's always a fun time when Dex and Jaz get together to party! :D

  4. I'm so ON it! It's going to be a SuBarOoOo-tiful thing!

  5. So excited for the Puppy Bowl! It's gonna be so much fun!

  6. We are so excited to watch tomorrow with the app! I have already been trying to get ready. :)

  7. As a dog loving tech-girl, I'm looking really forward to this app!