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Friday, February 17, 2012

Who Let The Dogs Out

Tomorrow (Sat. Feb. 18th) is a big day!!

Saturday is the first episode of "Who Let The Dogs Out". (A new show on Animal Planet.) Tillman (the skateboarding dog) is trying to find America's Most Talented Pet! http://www.wholetthedogsout.tv/

AND.... Jasmine is going to be on the show!! !! :D And so are a lot of other very cool dogs we know from YouTube and Facebook!! Did you see Paige at the end of the commercial?? We LOVE that dog!! :D

I'm so excited to watch this series!! You know what a big dog-lover/addict I am! So I'm excited to see all the different breeds of dogs. I'm excited to see all the different kind of cool tricks they are going to do. And I'm excited that Jasmine gets to be included as one of them!!

I used to watch the TV show "PetStar" a long time ago... and loved seeing all the dog tricks back then! Watching that made me want to train my new dog (Jasmine) to do tricks! But by the time she got good enough to actually be ON the show, they quit making them!! :/ But.... "Who Let The Dogs Out" is going to be the next best thing!

Natural Balance and Petco held live auditions in California earlier this month, which we were unable to attend. But they let people send in video auditions. I have a lot of friends that attended the live auditions, and I have a lot of trick dog friends who sent in videos.

SO.... this is going to be the best show ever!! :D So many cool, talented dogs!!! I can't wait!! :D


  1. Thanks for letting us know about the show. That sounds so exciting. I will make sure we get the remote control ready to watch the show.

  2. OOOhhh! Wonderful! We're looking forward to the show, will be cheering for Jasmine!

  3. Thanks for posting about the show Jasmine!!!