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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We Won the #TillmanTV Tues Blog Hop!!!

WHOA!! We just won the Tillman Tuesday Blog Hop!! That's pretty cool!!! (Considering I haven't won a random drawing since the 7th grade!!) ;)

If you don't know who Tillman is... maybe this picture will help you out! Even if you don't know his name, he's pretty well-known as the skate-boarding dog!

We won 30 lbs of Natural Balance dog food (which is AWESOME, because that's actually what I'm feeding Jaz right now anyway!) She has bad allergies, so she's on the Limited Ingredient Diet. (L.I.D.) We also won a case of Tillman treats, AND the best part...

Jaz gets to donate 100 lbs of Natural Balance pet food to a no-kill shelter!!

We picked "Friends for Life". It's a rescue group here in AZ. Last October, we attended an adoption event called "Barktoberfest"! Which was really fun. They had a costume contest, and a trick contest. (Which of course we entered!) :D

Here's a picture I found from the trick contest that day! That shaggy little dog needs a haircut!! :O)

And they had lure-coursing, which Jaz goes crazy for!! So she ran that a few times. She's part greyhound if there's any type of lure-course around!

Anyway, I'm so happy that Natural Balance is helping out all these shelters/ rescue groups. It's pretty cool. (And I really like that you have to pick a no-kill shelter to donate to.) :) Tillman and Natural Balance are going to have more give-aways, so be sure you enter your blog!!

Go to Tillman's blog: http://www.tillmanskates.com/ and add your blog post on Tuesday. That's it. It's so easy! If we can win it, there's hope for anybody!! LOL

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  1. We know who Tillman is. He's pretty talented, just like Jasmine. Congratulations on the winnings!