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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rachael Hale photography

At my office, we use send out cute animal postcards for appointment reminders. (OK, and I will admit it.... I am the one that does the ordering for the front office!) So maybe that's how we end up with all the animal postcards!! ;)

I think the Rachael Hale ones are really cute. Just for fun, I pulled up their website and wrote to them. I told them how much I enjoyed their product, then I sent them one of Jasmine's trick videos.

I didn't really expect to get much of a response, but I did!!

This is what they wrote back!

"Thanks so much for your kind words, we really appreciate it and are pleased to hear that you are such a fan.

Jasmine is just delightful! What a cutie! It would be a lot of fun to get the opportunity to photograph her. We are based in New Zealand and generally do all the shoots in house. Where in the world do you live?"

Um... I live in the USA! But... Wow!! Not only did I get a personalized response, but they liked Jasmine's video!! And it sounds like they'd be interested in using Jasmine as a model!! Unfortunately, I don't live anywhere near New Zealand! I don't foresee a trip to New Zealand any time soon. But if I DID go, it's good to know Jaz could potentially have a job out there!! LOL. Yay! :)

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