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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Interviews from BarkWorld!

Jasmine had a FANTASTIC time at Barkworld- in Atlanta, GA!

Here's an interview we did with Nylabone while we were there!

We roomed with our really good friends Lauren and her dog Paige!

Jasmine and Paige were the YouTube Rockstars- and gave a presentation on how to make good YouTube videos, and how to clicker train. At the end of the class, we did a trick dog demo. It was so popular, there was standing room only!! It was awesome! We met a ton of new friends. And had a blast! We'll definitely be back next year!!

I didn't even realize that we did pretty much the same tricks until after I saw Lauren's interview! LOL. Hey- great minds think alike!! ;)

They also taped part of our trick dog demo- but that will be coming in a separate post!


  1. That was a great interview Jazz. Very nice


  2. Looks like everyone was having a wonderful time in Atlanta!!!