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Friday, October 28, 2011

Jasmine Visits the Elementary School!

Yesterday, Jasmine and I went to visit an elementary school! :D

All the 3rd graders just finished reading a book called "Rosie The Visiting Dog", so they wanted to meet a real life therapy dog! Jasmine and I went and had SO MUCH FUN!!!!

We talked about what you had to do to be a therapy dog, what we did at the hospital, answered questions, and then gave a little trick show. Then each kid got to pet Jasmine before we left.

The questions they asked us were hilarious!

Such as: "Do you ever go to somewhere where old people live?"
"Is your dog a full bred or a 1/2 bred?"
"Is your dog a boy or a girl?" (I had them guess - considering her name is Jasmine!)
"Can your dog jump through a flaming hoop?" (A good opportunity to explain about fire safety and how not to injure your dog!)
"Can your dog do a windmill?" (I asked if that was like a cartwheel, and no, it's not. It's like break-dancing.) So I said "no, probably not."

Jaz jumped through some hoops. (Graciously borrowed from the P.E. department because I forgot mine!!)

Jaz showed off her "Dog Goes Shopping" skills...

And last but not least, each child got an opportunity to pet her. It was SOOO MUCH fun!!!
I got some video of it- and I'll post that as soon as I'm done editing it! :D

P.S. A special THANK YOU to my friend Stacy who came to help take pics, video, and help me carry all Jaz's props!! I couldn't have done it without her!! :D

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  1. You are such a natural when you're in front of a crowd teaching.. the kids loved you and Jasmine. :) What a FUN little outing! :)