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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

HOWL-o-ween Costume Addict!!

I kind of have an
addiction. I like buying Halloween costumes for my dog! If they are super cute, I'll buy them full price. But I mostly wait until after Halloween when they are 75% off and buy a bunch!
Jasmine is only 5 years old, so.... in theory... she should only have 5 Halloween costumes, right? I can't even tell you how many costumes she has!!

I was just looking through the pics, and they make me laugh! there's some costumes that she likes more than others. (If it's not obvious by the pictures!!)

Does anyone else dress their dog up for halloween? :D


  1. Oh I love Hallo-WEENIE! My body just isn't shaped right for clothes unless they're shaped like .... hot dogs!

    Jasmine...you look great in your costumes!!


  2. Jasmine you are a Halloweenie fashionista! I like your pirate one and your witch one the best. Mama is getting into this dress-up stuff too. Thank heavens she is only on the head stuff - fraid next year she might start doin the whole dog costumes!

  3. OMD! These are so funny! I thought Cosmo had a lot of costumes, but you have us beat!

  4. Jasmine looks so cute in all her costumes! Love the clown shoes...LOL.....I'm going to have to do a better job with my pups and their costumes!

  5. I love all the costumes! You are cute in all of them.