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Friday, October 7, 2011

Back to the hospital! :D

Tonight we were able to go back to our normal routine of volunteering at the hospital. It felt SO GOOD to be back! Jaz has missed it! Her tail starts wagging from the moment we pull into the parking lot!

I stopped by the Volunteer Resources office- because we finally got our trading cards!! (A little baseball card w/ Jaz's picture on it!) So now we can give those out to the kids we visit! Jaz does her little repertoire of tricks- which make the kids' smile. Sometimes (like tonight) there is a language barrier- where I don't speak the same language as the patient or their family! I pointed to Jaz, and they nodded yes they wanted us to come into the room. And when I started sharing her tricks, they smiled and laughed, and even recorded them. Lucky for me, "dog" is a universal language. :)

We had missed the last few weeks of hospital visits due to various events (most recently, our trip to Georgia for BarkWorld!!) - which I still need to blog about! But now we're back into our normal routine, and feeling good that we did something worthwhile tonight. It was a good way to spend our Friday evening. :)

P.S. Here's a picture from BarkWorld in Atlanta, Georgia. It's me with Jasmine and Paige! :D My two sweeties. :)


  1. Oh I am glad that you can make all those kidlets so Happy Jaz. Thats the most fun part huh??


  2. It's so lovely that you can visit those little kiddies and bring a smile to their faces, I can imagine they adore you!!

  3. Traveling is a lot of fun and so many different things to see and do.....but it's true when they say "There's no place like home"!