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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jaz is on 2 Calendars next year!

It looks like Jasmine is going to be on TWO calendars next year! (much to my surprise!) I went to the mailbox and got a package with a 2nd calendar in it! LOL- I don't even remember submitting to both! But obviously I did!!

So if you get a Dog Fancy or 365 Dogs Page-A-Day calendar for 2012, keep a look out for Jasmine!
On the Dog Fancy calendar, Jasmine day is Oct. 11th!
On the 365 Dogs calendar, it's Nov. 17th! If you want to enter your dog to be on a calendar, here are the links!

1 comment:

  1. We'll be watchin' for Jasmine. We were just notified that two of our angels at the bridge will be featured on the Workmen Publishing "Bad Dog" calendar for 2012. Those pictures were submitted about 3 years ago when they were still with us.

    Can't wait to see Jasmine in 2012!!!