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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cute Dog Daily Prizes!

Remember when Jaz was "Cute Dog of the Month"? Well, she just got her a box of prizes in the mail from CuteDogDaily.com! (and also got to greet the UPS guy!) Jasmine usually thinks that everyone who comes to the front door is there to see her, but in this case, it was actually true!

Jaz actually got a couple of different packages! (Equally as exciting each time the UPS guy rang the doorbell!)
EO for Dogs- sent us a lavendar & aloe shampoo, conditioner, and detangler
Drs. Foster & Smith- sent us a Busy Buddy Bone (and refills) and also a doggy seatbelt & harness
CuteDogsDaily.com sent us 2 T-shirts!

Not bad for just being cute! ;) If you want to enter your dog, just go to CuteDogsDaily.com!

It was kind of funny because I opened the box from Drs. Foster & Smith, then left it on the coffee table. In the morning, I jumped out of bed because I heard some weird sounds in the living room. It turns out Jaz really wanted that Busy Buddy Bone at 4:45 am, and was trying to get it out of the plastic container! It was kinda cute, and I would have tried to videotape it if I wasn't so tired!! ;)

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