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Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane (with Mighty Dog!)

So... I was just surfing YouTube (looking at dog videos, of course!!) And I was surprised when I saw some with Jasmine's face on it! It turns out that on the Purina Petcentric channel, they had posted all the Mighty Dog audition videos! Which made me happy! Those were so cute! Besides Jesse, Mater, and Jasmine (the dogs who won), check out Lulu and Hemi! Those were my other favorites! They had all these posted and I never knew about it! I thought once they took them down from their website, they were gone!

Here was our audition video: (we've come a long way since then!)

Here was the Mighty Dog Trailer: (that was on TV- Thanksgiving Day)

And here's the final movie- starring Jasmine, Jesse, and Mater! =)


  1. awww I remember those videos! MDN has changed so much... :(
    you guys rock!

  2. WOW!! You are so talented!! Very nice to meet you, Yah, my real name is Jasmine too~~Jazzi for short. They call me Jazz or Jazzi girl. YOu sure are a great Jazzy Jaz!! I loved your shopping video. I posted it on my blog and linked it to you, cuz I know other dogs will really enjoy it too!! I hope we can become good friends!!


  3. We saw you on Jazzi's blog! You are one smart girl, Jasmine!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Hi Jasmine,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Gosh, you are SUPER talented. I can't do any of those tricks in your video! WOW!

    I just signed up to be your newest follower. I will also check you out on facebook. I just joined facebook recently!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. You have lots of amazing moves! Wowee! I think you must practice and maybe even (gasp) work for praise like my idiot brother. Not me. I am five minutes and DONE and there better be a ton of cookies.


  6. Hi Jasmine....It's so good to meet you. Wow....Now I know a celebrity. We really enjoyed all your videos!

    Amber DaWeenie
    & Mom

  7. Fabulous, we so enjoyed watching thise videos. We loved all the dogs but naturally thought you were best Jasmine :-) Dex & Lou x

  8. Hi Remington here! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet you! Cool videos! You have a very cool blog. I am going to follow you....no, not around your kitchen....just in Blogland....I hope we can be great friends!

  9. Hi Jazzy Jaz...we read all about you on Jazzi's blog. We came by to say hi and check out your videos. OMC you are a mighty dog and you know so many tricks. Well done,
    Madi and Mom

  10. Hi there Jasmine! Nice to meet you. A blogger friend of mine who is also named Jasmine (Jazzi for short) introduced you to all her friends in her latest blog post. You are one very incredible dog! I enjoyed watching your shopping video. You look so funny pushing the shopping cart. I happen to do commercials too. I can't do many of the tricks that you can do though because I am a big & heavy dog. I can be clumsy at times too. My hoomie Melissa always wanted to train me to push a cart too but I have difficulties doing it. BTW, I also live very, very, very far away from you. I live in Malaysia!

    Anyway, it's so wonderful to meet another dog in the blogger world that does commercials too. It's really great meeting you! I hope we can be friends.

  11. Hi, we saw your title "Jasmine's Awesome Dog Trick" on the Meet and Greet Party Blog Hop and just have to come over. Jasmine is really AWESOME!! We love your videos.