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Friday, April 29, 2011

Meet & Greet Party Blog Hop!

So... today we decided to participate in the Meet & Greet Party Blog Hop sponsored by DogTipper.com!

A little bit about us:

I have a 5 year old Havanese named Jasmine (Jaz) who loves to do tricks! We do agility, media work (commercials, photo shoots), and dog therapy at the hospital. :)

Jasmine was trained using clicker
training (positive reinforcement), and knows a ton of tricks and behaviors. Jaz is VERY food motivated!! (That's why she loves to do her tricks- anything to get a treat!) Every Friday, we go to a children's hospital to volunteer as a dog therapy team. We go room to room, and say hi to each of the kids. They get to pet her for a while, then Jaz will start pawing me, which means it's time to start the trick show! (Because she wants her treats!) The kids absolutely love it. This is probably the highlight of what I do with Jaz.

I usually blog about "All that Jaz"! (Which translates to ALL the many variety of dog things we are involved in!) I post about anything and everything dog-related. Our latest YouTube trick video, our agility training, auditions/photo shoots/contests, our hospital visits, experiences with friends/family/other dogs, or just random funny dog things I come across on the internet!

I'm currently writing a book about all the valuable life lessons I have learned through my experience with Jasmine. A section of it is published every other month in the Havanese Breed magazine. (This was such a good opportunity for me... because I've been wanting to write this book for a while, but when do you make the time?) So by having small, realistic deadlines, it's helping me accomplish my much bigger goal! And pretty soon, I'll be able to combine it all together into a book! :) My style is somewhere in between two of my favorite authors: John Grogan (Marley & Me) and Mitch Album (Tuesdays with Morrie, Have A Little Faith).

Recently, I was asked to be a speaker at the BarkWorld Expo in Atlanta this fall! (which is quite an honor!) And I get to bring Jaz!! =D http://www.barkworldexpo.com/ We're going to be speaking with our YT friends Lauren & her dog Paige! And basically tell our stories about how our dogs became popular and were hired because of social media (Mainly YouTube and Facebook!)

So... that's us in a nutshell!

If you want to come say hi...

We're on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MyFavoritePupJasmine

And Twitter: http://twitter.com/MyFavPupJasmine

And of course, YouTube!! http://www.youtube.com/MyFavoritePupJasmine


  1. Jaz is just adorable. Great blog. We are passing by on the bloghop and thought we would wave our paws at you

  2. So nice to meet you and Jaz during the Meet and Greet Blog Hop! Congrats on the BarkWorldExpo gig and keep me posted on the book. Happy to spread the word! @thepetbooklady
    Just subscribed to your You Tube channel. Looks awesome!
    Power to the Pets from The Pet Book Lady! (aka Lisa Taron)

  3. OMD! Jaz you are just precious with that shopping cart! We are loving meeting everyone on the meet & greet. We're pretty new to blogging what is BarkWorld?

  4. Jasmine you are just too cute and so talented! Thank's for dropping by and we will look forward to your updates.

  5. Jaz is really cute. What did she buy? I bet her cart is full of dog food and toiletries.

  6. Oh and thanks for the blog hop list. I now feel so expert expert about havanese because of all of them. HAHA!