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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Trip to the Vet

Let me just start this post by saying: I have a REALLY nice vet. She is very sweet. Very knowledgeable. And very good with animals. And has a good rapport established with the owners as well. That being said... Jasmine still does not care for any trip to the vet! As soon as we walk in the door, she turns around and wants to leave.

And we had to go in yesterday to get some tests so Jasmine can renew her certification to be a therapy dog. Jaz had already gotten her shots earlier last month, so this was just some blood work, a fecal test, and a heart worm test. (And assuming those all come back negative, which I think they will, we should be good to go...) =)
When I was a kid and had to go to the doctor to get tests, my mom always would take me to get a milkshake after the appointment if I was good. So I had brought along a Nylabone Toro Braid (the one with bacon). Normally Jasmine just LOVES these... it's her favorite treat ever. But I tried to give it to her in the exam room to distract her. She just licked it a few times. Then went around smelling the room some more. However in the car ride home, she went at it! But it was well deserved. Jasmine was very good for the vet. (even if she doesn't like going!)

1 comment:

  1. She even knows how to scowl with those expressive eyebrows of hers. It makes me laugh how mad she looks to be there.