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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Star Wars Chewbacca Dog!!

Introducing.... The Star Wars Chewbacca Dog!!! LOL!! My friend emailed me this picture, and I had to share!! We have a little Shih-tzu named Toddy who we think looks like an Ewok or sometimes Chewbacca... but this one is AWESOME!!!

I love Star Wars. And I love Dogs. This just made my day! Here's a pic of my Chewbacca! ;)


  1. Wonderful!!!! Toddy is so sweet. The Chewbacca dog is incredible! Jasmine looks like she feels "upstaged" in this photo! Please give them both lots of hugs and kisses from Auntie Ann. xoxoxo Ann and Daisy

  2. Heheheheehe...dat Chebacca dog is too funny and da similarities are freakishly uncanny...hehehe!

    I was looking through your blog and I is quite impressed withs Jasmine's tricks...incredible actually! But I ain't gonna show my mum what hers can do:)