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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pawsh Magazine Runner-Up-- and still won a prize!

Pawsh Magazine was having a contest for March's Pet of the Month... and Jasmine lost by one vote! (and she lost to a cat, no less!) (But I didn't tell her that!!) ;)


It was ok, since it was all just for fun anyway. But then I was pleasantly surprised when the nice people from Blanket ID decided to award BOTH of us the prize!! =D So Jasmine got to pick out her very own Blanket ID. (OK- well, I picked it out for her!) This is the one I like the best: It just came in the mail today. I had never heard of these before Jaz won one. I like it. It's got a cute design on one side- and an ID # on the back. If your dog gets lost, they contact all the local animal shelters and animal hospitals in your zip code to help you reunite with your pet. (and you can print "LOST DOG" posters from their website with your pup's picture and info on it.) If you change your phone #, you just change it online, instead of getting a new ID tag made. And this sounds trivial, but I like that it's so small- and that you only need one tag. (Then they won't jingle.) Jaz is microchipped. But I found out that there are many different kinds of microchips and it requires different kind of scanners. (Which is lame). Plus, some people don't know to even check if a dog is microchipped. But this Blanket ID is pretty obvious- without giving out too much personal info. I'm glad Jaz won this. :)

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  1. Thanks for the great post! Jaz looks very cute - I think the butterfly suits her great!