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Sunday, January 29, 2012


So... it looks like Channel 12 News is using screen captures of Jasmine's video in their facebook ads!

Don't get me wrong, I love it! It just catches me off guard every time I see a picture of my dog off to the side of my screen!! I just think it's funny that they're asking people to vote for my dog! (since there are 2 other videos in the finals!) But those videos are of people. And let's face it, dogs are cuter!! ;) (I can write this, because I know mostly doggy-lovers read this blog!!!) ;)
Doggy Lovers Unite!! :D

Anyway- there are 2 more days to vote for Jasmine in the "12 Seconds of Fame" contest. And we could REALLY use your help!! It's a close race!! (Of course! Who wouldn't want their video aired during Half-Time of the SuperBowl??) :D So would you please vote for Jasmine?

Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/12news?sk=app_256851337719345 You have to "like" 12 News, then scroll down to vote for the doggy video! You can vote once per day (24 hour period), and the contest ends on Tuesday!!!! ONLY 2 Days Left To VOTE!! So tell your friends!

By the way, if you happen to live in Arizona, I guess they've been showing clips of all the finalists videos on TV! (Channel 12) Jaz has been on TV several times during this past week, and I never even knew about it! (A friend had to tell me this!!) I have no idea what time of day Channel 12 is randomly going to show a commercial promoting their "12 Seconds of Fame" contest. So I don't even know how to record it. Soooooo.... if any of you happen to catch it... quickly email me on Facebook!! And hopefully I'll be close to a TV where I can turn it on!! :D (or even better yet- record it for me if you have a chance!!) :D

Thanks my friends- for all your love and support! You guys are awesome. :)

Maybe, just maybe, you'll see my favorite pup Jasmine on TV during the Superbowl... we'll know after Wednesday! :D

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