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Friday, January 6, 2012

New Dog Trick, New Doggy Haircut

Jasmine has learned a new trick! (which was surprisingly easy to teach her!)

She learned how to take my socks off, and then give them to me!
My friend Brenda made a funny comment on Jasmine's Facebook page... she wrote "It's about time. She's been knocking everyone else's socks off for years!" (lol- that made me chuckle.)

Jaz also has a new haircut. (Which you get to see in this video) I was a little worried because when I took her in to get groomed, her usual groomer had called out sick. (And I've been fighting a cough/cold myself, so I can totally relate.) So we had the option of rescheduling or having someone else do it. Trying someone new makes me nervous, because Jaz has had plenty of bad haircuts! But my life is so busy right now, I didn't have the time to reschedule. So I took a gamble, and it turned out good. (I did have the groomer touch up a few spots though!) I guess Jaz just has a weird shaped head. (She does have a lot of cowlicks on top, and new groomers can never get her beard even.) But I think it looks good now. I like when they leave the eyebrows. I always tell them to, but they don't always do it the way I want them to!


  1. Hey - look at that! I made your blog. I'm famous! ;-)

  2. Oh that is a cute haircut. Amazing how different they look after a trip to the groomer. Our Benji has an appointment next Saturday.

  3. OMD OMD.. I LOVE the video. Grrrreat Furs Cut.