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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

VOTE for Jaz- so she'll be on TV during the SUPER BOWL! :D

Jaz's video might get aired during the SuperBowl!!! :D Jasmine was 1 of 3 finalists in the "12 Seconds of Fame" contest for Channel 12. We need your votes! If Jaz's video gets the most votes it will be aired during Half-Time of the SuperBowl!!! :D

Because she was one of the finalists, a clip of her video will be played during the pre-game show! But if she gets the most votes, they'll air the whole thing!

Woohoo!! You can vote once per day until Jan. 31st! By the way, I tell everyone to vote for Jasmine.... but it's listed under me- CJ. :) Just look for the one with the dog in it! lol...

THANK YOU my friends!!