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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Havanese Breed Magazine- Article #6

I am a freelance writer for the Havanese Breed magazine. They publish a continuing series on lessons I have learned from Jasmine. Eventually I plan on combining all these articles into a book. I've wanted to write one for a while, but just have never made the time for it. (I get kind of busy with my regular life!) ;) By writing for this magazine, it gives me small short-term goals that I can accomplish, that will eventually lead to my larger goal of publishing a book! When I was in college, and feeling overwhelmed, my mom always asked me... "How do you eat an elephant?" The answer is: "One bite at a time". (Metaphorically speaking!!)

So, here's last month's article! I converted it from an adobe file to a jpeg file, so hopefully you can still read it. (I think if you double click on the pictures, it will make them bigger.)

The links don't work as a jpeg, so I'll include them below if you want to watch the videos that I mention in the article.

Visiting the kids at school:

Jasmine's best dog tricks:

Dog Goes Shopping- Jaz's most popular video:

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