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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Brown Beggers Treats... Jaz tested, Jaz approved.

 For those of you who know Jasmine, she's a treat ADDICT!  Yes, I am a responsible dog owner, and monitor the number of treats she gets.  However, that doesn't change the fact that she is rather obsessed with treats!   For example, these SitStay packages came while the dogs were out getting groomed.  When we got home, Toddy didn't even notice them.  Jasmine goes STRAIGHT to the packages and starts sniffing.  Then pawing at them.  I told her to sit while I opened it.  She just stared at the box. 
Obsessive much??

 I try to make sure my dogs are well trained and have manners.  But once I give the release word, it's go time!!
These are dog chews that you get delivered to your door by Brown Beggers.  We got to try out the Chew Sampler.  I didn't get a better picture because I was trying to make sure Jaz didn't just rip through the brown paper to get to the treats inside!

Here's all the chews that were inside.  (Toddy sat up and started begging for them while I was arranging them on the table.)
There were all sorts of different kind of bones, chews, dried meat patties, and jerky.  Jaz hardly knew which to pick first.  I let both dogs pick out their favorite treat.  They both walked to separate corners of the room and started chewing on them.  

 I thought this was amusing.  I couldn't figure out what was inside that long tube that was delivered to my door.  (Check out Toddy in the background!!!  He's trying to see if the chew treats were still on that table!!)  (For the record, I had moved them to higher ground!!)  

So... we figured out what was in the tube.  Turns out it was a 3 foot long beef stick!!!!   They do know my dog is only 1 foot long, right??

Didn't matter though!  Jaz was determined to devour it.  I broke off a piece and let her have it.  (It's snap beef jerky, so you just break off the size you want to give your dog.)   Here's where you can get these giaganic beef jerky sticks:  http://www.sitstay.com/featured-products/brown-beggers-the-144/

We got all these chews/treats through SitStay.com - it was their Brown Begger line.  And after having both my dogs try them, I can say that they are Jaz tested, and Jasmine approved.

For the record, this post is sponsored by SitStay.com.  I am being compensated for my review of the Brown Begger treats.  However, I never review products that I wouldn't let my own dogs try.  And all opinions shared on My Favorite Pup Jasmine's blog are my own, and I only share information on products that I feel are relevant to our friends/ blog readers.

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  1. That sure is a cool package of treats and what a great big long chewy stick!!