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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Places for Engagement Photos.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know that last month I got engaged!  (Me- CJ- the human, not Jasmine the dog!)  Here's our story if you need to catch up!  http://www.mywedding.com/cjjackson/index.html

 So my friend Mindy and I went on a wedding recon mission to discover a good place to take engagement photos.  I originally was just going to take pics of the different possible locations, but then I decided to bring along my professional model.  She might be a little furry, but then at least there would be a subject in each picture.   

So... here's the possibilities I have to choose from.  (And not based on how cute Jasmine is, let me know based on which BACKGROUND you like the best!!)  ;)   Don't let that furry cute dog sway your decision.

Which ones do you like best?

#1- Fountain w/ statue

 #2- LOVE statue.  (this is one of my fav's)

#3 Statue of guy w/ dog.   
(I don't think we'll take our engagement photos here.  I just had to recreate the pic w/ my dog!!)

Here's the full version.  
(I needed my friend Mindy's help holding the treat to the side to get Jaz to look that way!!)
  #4- Abstract art statue
Here's the full sized version. 
 #5- Pretty fountatins w/ greenery
#6-  Trees
 #7- Chess/ Checkers set
#8- Walls... urban setting

#9- Rocks, small waterfall (which you can't really see)

#10- Man-made pond

 #11- Park/ Ducks

 #12- Large grassy area

 #13- Tree w/ Fountain
#14- Weird statue
 #15 - Staircase (urban setting)

So... what are your thoughts?  (and keep in mind, I will be having a professional photographer take our pictures.  These were just taken with my little camera.)


  1. I love them all, but I think you need to have one by the Love statue!

  2. First off, Congratulations!! We LOVE the LOVE statue...and we like #1 and #5. They are all really pretty though!!