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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Jaz was on Anderson Cooper today!

Just found out Jasmine was on Anderson Cooper today!  Well, it was a re-run of the episode with Jasmine in it!  Yay!!   Too bad I didn't catch it.  It would have been fun to see on TV.

But I was watching the Olympics.  (Which is probably the same reason the Anderson Cooper show is airing re-runs!!)  ;)

Which Olympic events have you been watching?

I love watching the swimming, synchronized diving (it's fascinating!!), gymnastics, equastrian events, and kayaking.  Those are my fav's.  :)


  1. WARF! Mommy doesn't get to watch the Olympics :( She says NBC is a nasty Monopoly. We don't get cables where we live and mommy wanted to watch online..well you need a cable subscription to watch online!! What do dose silly humans in black clothes thinkin?! If you have cable why you watch it on da internetz?

    ~Stinky Kisses, Mason